Other websites I visit (or have in the past)…

High membership count site that’s been around for a good number of years. Focused mainly on New England, and all things related to the 2A, also has members in other parts of the country.

Homebrewing site. I haven’t been on there in a while, but I used to visit often. If you can sift through the drek, you can find some good information there. Pearls of wisdom include: no need for a “secondary”, use yeast starters for better results as well as oxygenating the wort with pure O2 via a sintered stone (micron level holes). Brew system builds are also shown at times.

American Homebrewers Association
Good organization that’s done a LOT for the home brewers of America. If you like to homebrew, drink other’s homebrew or even just enjoy great beer, it’s worth a look.

Got Mead?
Another site I’ve not visited in some time. You can find some great information there, if you look. Items to keep in mind: do NOT heat the honey above 100-110F; use the calculation page to determine how much honey to use in a batch; and give your mead TIME to become GREAT. Mead is not made in a day, week, month, or even year in a number of cases. My typical time frame is 1 month per % of alcohol before I even think about going to bottle. Aging in bulk/batch form is actually a GREAT idea and will do your mead good.