Bowie Knife Two

This is my second Bowie knife made.

Started off as a ~10″ section of leaf spring (5160) that was 2-1/2″ wide and approximately 3/8″ thick. Forged to rough shape, then ground until it came out like this. As with all my blades, I performed the heat treatment and temper myself. Also given it’s edge via the belt sander and it will cut.

Blade dimensions are 8-1/4″ of edge, 13″ overall and 2″ at it’s widest point (the belly of the blade). Remains approximately 1/4″ thick on the spine. It has more weight than the first Bowie I made.

As with most of my blades, the handle is black walnut that’s been buffed. Pins are brass (1/8″ diameter is what I currently use).

Kydex sheath also formed by me with a belt clip added (works with 1-1/2″ belts).